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Why do you need a timeline?

Ever found yourself wondering which came first? Agincourt or Columbus, Mohammed or Jesus, the Beatles or the Internet? From Creation to Covid – The Roll Out History timeline gives you 52 essential hooks on which to hang your history. Spanning a mere 14 billion years, it’s the backbone for everything you need to know!

What does it look like?

The print is beautifully printed on 190gsm white paper and the size is A1 (594 x 841mm) It is un-framed.

A little too English?

Heads up - there is a slant towards key dates of English history and for that we can only apologise. Other timelines are at the research stage and subject to demand! Please let us know your thoughts

How did we choose the dates?

Getting all human history into 52 dates was a challenge!  We felt that these are the dates that most children (and adults, let’s be honest) would do well to know. Lots feature on the school curriculum, quite a few come up in the pub quiz and the others are just plain interesting!​ We would be amazed if you were to agree with all our choices, and would welcome a lively debate on what should be in and what should be out.

History Timeline A1 Print


Delivery cost
Delivery cost is £3.00. If purchasing multiple prints please indicate if you are willing to have them packed in just one tube, otherwise they will be sent in individual tubes in one package.

International Delivery is £9.00

The print is unframed. We recommend purchasing a thin black A1 frame for the print online.

Invoices are sent by email to the purchaser.

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